Article by Adrian Cintas

Born in the 50’s from the poor subcultures of Jamaican rude boys and British blue-collar youth, skinheads have found a place all across the globe. As the economic climate worsened in the late 70’s and 80’s, skinheads caught a poor reputation, often being portrayed as racists or far right extremists.  However, this could not be further from the truth as traditional skinheads often identified as apolitical or independent, and only sought to embrace their working-class roots, regardless of race. Skinheads of both types would often violently clash at concerts and in the streets, leading to riots. READ MORE

      It started in Seattle Washington and quickly made its way to Portland before growing its reach to other places. One of the founders Chazz Madrigal is currently speaking about how to build in a world that has been silent about these topics for too long now. 86 Silence is starting a conversation that is very much needed for the future and safety of everyone. Take a second to watch this short video with some of the organizers of the first event we attended here. 


Elephants & Trees

Photo and Article by: Pashon Onomatopoeia

Photo and Article by: Pashon Onomatopoeia


     If you are going to Thailand and may be worried about going to a not so safe elephant spot then Chiang Thai Heritage is the place. The elephants won't forget any ideas or help to lend a hand. 

     Tu is trying to get webcams to film the elephants behavior to find out more to help the noble cause. Looking around the valley in Northern Thailand at Chiang Thai Heritage; I noticed two out dated solar panels. Volunteering was my first thought because of the help they could use and what a beautiful and purposeful occasion to be apart of. Forming a relationship with these majestic and gentle giants would be priceless. Read More..


    Denzel Curry is well known for energetic performances and music full of aggression/passion. While performing in Portland Oregon the rapper did something that usually happens at shows, but is hardly ever caught in slow motion. Read More..

     A raw and uncrompimising visual exploration of the seedy underbelly that is the pashion, pleasure, and torment of different sub cultures and life styles across the country. 

Short Films

       Compact views into human life, creativty and exploration that builds from genuine human connection. Finding ways to view the world through another's lenses from the mundane to the fantastic.