Street Creatives Backstage: Anuhea

Coming in from the island of Maui, Anuhea met with the Street Creatives team in December 2018 when she came to perform at the Star Theater in Portland. We hung out with her before the show for a meet and greet with her fans. She also sat down with us for a few minutes to talk a bit about her story as an up and coming island reggae singer.

She spoke about growing up in Hawaii and how she was inspired to be a singer.Though she didn’t at first believe in her own singing abilities, family support and guidance helped her pave her way to becoming a performer. Hawaii is her home and where her heart lies, but developing a career as a singer on a remote island like Hawaii has shown Anuhea some difficulties. With the help of island radio and social media, she has found an outlet and a core group of fans for her island inspired music.

Coming from such a supportive background and seeing the impact that her music has on her fans, Anuhea is dedicated to giving back to the community that has helped her thrive. After releasing a new album in 2018, her plans for the next year include setting up her own non-profit education fund, Aloha Always Foundation, to help people of Hawaii raise money for school.

Das LeuneSC Backstage, Anuhea