Activism: Black Brunch

Article + Video by Das Leune

  When lives are lost, people hurt. There is always talk about why folks only come together when we are killed by police and not when left dead by people in our own community. The difference is, that institutionalized racism is a complex part of a system built on mass incarceration. What does this mean? That the government and state make more money for each person pulled over and even more for those being jailed. So why wouldn't they want to "do their jobs", that ultimately only benefit the future of those oppressors, and not those being oppressed. 

   On a rainy day in Portland Oregon, a group of people wanted to start an immediate conversation with a very out of touch group of people in a community that was once their own. Gentrification is no secret in Portland. Old Neighborhoods that were once predominately black and less wealthy due to housing laws in the earlier stages of it's growth, are now being taken over by out of state business investors looking for a come up. Childhood houses are being taken down and fancy "Mini-Lofts" are being put up. So this particular community came together in a creative way to bring awareness to their new neighbors about what was going on with law enforcement around the country in communities like the one they've migrated too. Many new businesses have opened up in the neighborhood as well due to this new renovation of Portland. Leaving only two African American owned businesses on the historic Alberta Street in Northeast Portland.   

     Having Brunch on Alberta is pretty much something every new person in town will be invited to do. This day turned out to be a bit different than other days as this group of community activist took to their neighborhood to spread awareness of police brutality/murder. It seemed to be an uncomfortable conversation to have while interrupting a meal thats just been paid for, but after hearing about the stories and situations where children were harmed, the patrons actually rose their fists and some even stood in solidarity with the activist. The comments for the video were disabled due to the amount of violent threats and racism posted. Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts!                  

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