The 86 Silence Movement

   It started in Seattle Washington and quickly made its way to Portland before growing its reach to other places. One of the founders Chazz Madrigal is currently speaking about how to build in a world that has been silent about these topics for too long now. 86 Silence is starting a conversation that is very much needed for the future and safety of everyone. Take a second to watch this short video with some of the organizers of the first event we attended. 

Apologies for being late on this but it has been a whirlwind over here.

We put our first workshop under our belts Monday, January 30. We absolutely couldn't have done so without the support of so many people and we'd like to acknowledge them here.

Big Mario's came through major to feed our stomachs as well as our minds

Einstein Bros Bagels also had us noshing all day long.

Caff√© Vita-Capitol Hill kept us alert and engaged
with a very generous coffee donation.

Elizabeth Maze made all these donations possible and more

Jim Romdall, Thank you so much for your constant inclusion and support not to mention materials. With you now on our board of directors we're excited to get much more done together.



Sasha Madrigal, You are the glue that holds the whole all the big ideas and excited coffee table banter together. Your logistical mastery will see us through many a storm.

Melissa Tumas and the University of Washington Health and Wellness Department.If Elizabeth hadn't brought you and I together I really don't know that any of this would be happening. Thank you for lending your years of experience in both survivor support and assault prevention to our group.

Ward Urion and LifeWire. Your mentoring and encouragement in helping this evolve from a one off class to the forming of a non profit is invaluable. I look forward to a long and continuing partnership with both you and Melissa. It was a honor to share a platform with you for all of us.

Corin Weaver, your emotional support and willingness to jump into any role required of you at a moments notice have made you one of my most treasured friends. Thank you for conspiring with me once again

Ray Norshine, where do I even start? We've been through a lot of struggle together and individually. I'm so honored to see our work through the mastery of your Lens. Thanks for everything that has passed and all that's yet to come.

Cale Green, My apartment would have been really, really crowded if not for you and Sun. Thanks for being a driving force for good in our community for more reasons than simply the support of us.

Jessica Tousignant, where would we be without you and the support of Sun as a brand? Thank you for the angry late night messenger missives, counsel, and keeping me and the future of 86 Silence safe on at least one occasion.

Last but far from least, to all who donated to our gofundme at the 11th hour taking us over 600 dollars OVER our goal. We are so moved by your generosity.

Please stay tuned for future workshops, fundraisers, and other groups we support actions.


Chazz Madrigal
Director, Community Outreach
86 Silence