Sign Painting with Agustin McCord

On a late trip to Los Angeles last year, I stayed with a kid I knew from a New Mexican graffiti crew. His name is Augustine. We me through a girl I use to date and we all shared the same passion for one thing, street art. We would travel across town to watch trains and rep our crews in main spots inner city. The love for letters turned into a community driven art form that eventually built a variety of thriving businesses from screen printing companies, magazines, tattoo shops and as shown in this video, one of the oldest forms of traditional lettering. Sign painting by hand.

     There's a certain type of message that a business communicates to customers when hiring a traditional sign painting artist. Without even thinking about it, the feel and beauty of the art leaves you feeling like you've had an experience with someone who has crafted themselves to be an understanding and hands on person. 

Das Leune