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The 86 Silence Movement

The bar scene is forever struggling to find innovative ways to battle many different types of abuse. One of the biggest issues that are not talked about as often as they should be is sexual assault and abuse that we don't always see or acknowledge. A group of bar tenders and alcohol service workers are currently building a community to fight back against predators and sketchy fuckers in the drinking communities around the U.S. right now. 

We put our first workshop under our belts Monday, January 30. We absolutely couldn't have done so without the support of so many people and we'd like to acknowledge them here.

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On The Streets: Piru Fade

The whole idea of the "Catch Ups" section is to show an in depth perspective on People and creatives that are putting in work to build or rebuild a culture of some sort. Fade has been a person living in Northeast Portland for all of his life and has seen gentrification in its entirety. In this short video, he tells a piece of his story. His family lost their home after it was left in the responsibility of an irresponsible person. He speaks on what the neighborhood is, has been and what will be. Wanna know more about what's going on here? Ask us! We want to be here to help spread awareness of individual perspectives on life, culture and struggles. 

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